I am Knife Flipp Master 2021

Birt 5 maí 2021
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  • i was flipping my balisong while watching this

  • What hapened to jojo

  • I don't understand some sentences you say but you make me happy

  • Pam would be cheering for jim

  • here in america you can have a bb gun when you turn 10 yrs old in some states

  • its just a home made nutering system

  • Dont use Gods name in vain

  • Great news the Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon accept him as your Lord and savior you will be saved

  • Did I just spent 9:51 mins of my life watching people flipping knives with pewds? Yes. Yes I did

  • This is not a knife it is a butterfly knife

  • Balisongs are better than regular knives

  • Very scery

  • Omg

  • You are the brother of Bo Burnham?

  • if you like that try Balisongs. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

  • Im watchin those trickz with my butterfly knife on my hand like: what the heck is thaaat

  • Bro stop before you rape this community into oblivion and we have a bunch of drooling dream stans using the balisongsale hashtag to flip balicombs

  • You should get into knife throwing

  • I was on vacation in utah like 10 yrs ago and my cousins friends kids were addicted to knife flipping. They literally had cases full of knives but they were real😂

  • Essential skills if you live in the UK 🇬🇧🙌

  • You watch this shit and think it’s lame but then you watch corpse do it with his music as a joke and it’s badass

  • Can't wait for a pewds bali now, gotta do a cross with squiddys

  • On god

  • That is my friend

  • when i fiddle with a knife i usually do it with a toy knife

  • Pewds should sell knives as merch. I'd buy one ngl.

  • Samurai Flipping soon...?


  • I want now Pewds to watch Shad's videos on nunchucks and sticks :D

  • get a balisong like me

  • We need a custom Pewdiepie knife.

  • Lol

  • Hi

  • Felix, “I am the scariest ISprofiler ever” Also Felix is that a Dorito?? Ahhh Ima turn that off that’s to scary

  • Knife flipping totorial pewds pleaseeeee

  • Get a real blade

  • Does that mean PewDiePie is Spy Main in TF2?

  • 6:11 you just insulted my entire race of people. but yes (ps, I'm a balisong flipper so yes I'm aware)

  • Somehow, still cool

  • I highly recommend squid industries Squid Trainer 3.5 btw if you're looking for a nice trainer to get started w : )

  • A Glidr x Pewds would look fkn amazing lmao

  • what knife is he using

  • You should get a balisong

  • Try butterfly knives or I think bailsong is the same thing

  • Your face makes me uncomfortable not scared

  • hey filos watching this, do you know that balisong "butterfly knife" is from the philippines?

  • When I saw the title I immediately thought this would be the new Pewds vs Jack yearly challenge to replace bottle flip, but I was still not disappointed, actually dope knife tricks

  • ISprofiler com mais subs do mundo

  • Pewdie.. Where's fisher karambit, just as cool 🤘😎😂🔪

  • Yay pewdiepie ruined balisong flipping for every one who did it before (including me)

  • try a Y2K into an aerial first try on stream you won't

  • try a Y2K into an aerial first try on stream you won't

  • Bonjour piewdiepie. Petit coucou de France 🇫🇷

  • no... this is just cringe

  • I don’t know about all of America, but where I am currently, you can carry a knife at any age so long as the blade is shorter than 5.5”.

  • Pewdiepie with his knife flips "me with my pencil flips but still getting failed"

  • Me: *is casually flipping my balisong as I'm watching pewds roast people that are doing the same.* *Drops knife* Pewds: HE DROPPED IT, UNBELIEVABLE!!

  • In America we use guns. We call it trickshots

  • As a balisong flipper of around a year, and this makes me die of cringe

    • @smol peepee I am fine with it until the weirdos and filth come in, i.e., CSGO Simps and people like pewdiepie

    • as a filipino where balisong is from and kids use it traditionally, it's alright i don't wanna gatekeep

    • As an advanced balisong flipper this makes me die of cringe too, ugh.... small communites are usually best when they stay small....

  • Pewd get your self a butterfly knife IF you know whats team fortress 2 /tf2 in that game is a spy with a butterfly

  • trying to look threatening are we? well not after the other guy pull a gun, are we? just like in that scene from Indiana Jones :D

  • Felix where’s my brofist

  • WoW

  • I'm surprised that he didn't mention the greatest knife man of all time.

  • he's kinda making fun of flipping and then he goes to react to his jubilee thing with a custom squid trainer

  • Lol when I said dont f*** with ger thats my cousin and when I said he is trash thats my uncle lol

  • 6:43 what age should you have a knife, also people do much worse things such as smoking, you can't heal from destroying your lungs, you can heal from a cut on your hand, your not going to hurts yourself too bad with a balisong.

  • Why anyone would want to go to a place with like a hundred people with knives? Wtf

  • That guy was a Josh! Had he showed up at the Josh Fight, he would've won!

  • Min 7:40, I got surprised because he seem didn't has a pant on. Maybe he wear a short.

  • 4:08 wth

  • The Thumbnail: wow😲 THE VIDEO:

  • When you notice some of your fingers are gone after your done flipping

  • Oregon gang

  • Cool I wanna try! Welp typing this with 3 fingers now

  • as much as I love pewds and his content, when will his video actually be 1080p60 :D

  • NRA meeting in Europe be like:

  • You know what they say about knife flippers 😏

  • it's just male baton twirling

  • CRKT Hissatsu is an okay knife. Get yourself a Chris Reeve Sebenza

  • I've felt so much cringe in this video... Still love it tho!

  • Gordon Ramsay was found jobless

  • As they say, whatever you think you are good at, there is always an asian who is better than you :')

  • you should freakin challenge Rusty Cage

  • Mabuhay si Pewdepie! 🇵🇭

  • A kid at my school from freshman year had a butterfly knife and he brought it to school... he was a lil dumb (it's also illegal to own a butterfly knife in Cali)

    • Mans never got caught with it though

  • They know how to use the knife but do they know how to fight with it

  • Pewds: don't worry the knife is dull, it won't hurt anyone Boyscouts: 😤

    • @bxbalisong on instagram

  • watching this on x2 speed was super strange

  • Surprised you didn't get a mora.

  • brilliant.

  • lagde

  • the most british thing ever

  • 0:03 Garbage😂

  • "Not old enough to own a knife"? Bitch THIS IS AMERICA

  • This man makes fun of knife flipping people… with a sword attached to his chair.

  • Why they use real knife 😂

  • England: "Knives? That's illegal!"

  • Do the winter soldier flip throw

  • we want BRS knife for european market !!!!!!!!!!!!!