Resident Evil 8 Village #4 - The First Scare So Far!

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  • the fish dude is giving me "nice guy" vibes ...

  • pews is dumb -pews


  • looks like the village I Iive in lol

    • Good you are one of the guy Who lives in a village who prays to a god under who works 4 lords And one day everybody is dead cause the monsters came and goddess wants her 100 year old daughter back Soo long

  • I can't believe you insulted my boy Moreau like that

  • I just ate fish yesterday

  • This whole series mostly highlights, "where's the fish. I wanna fish" for me and I'm digging it 😂😂💖

  • I wish Felix said September 27th, that's my birthday and when I saw 27/09 I was like YESS OMG SAY IT

  • If I was ethan winters I would just get out of there instead of saving my daughter. 🧍🏼‍♂️

  • 2:05:41

  • "in the guitar" lmao those are violonchellos

  • ⚠️〽️📶🌐📶📶📶🔡🛄

  • Felix is great

  • 1:05:01

  • Fibsch

  • Pewds missed the red door in the cemetery bit for Claudia where he got the chalice

  • Bro you got the ps5 lol I got it too I’m actually rich lol

    • I have a PS5 and PS4 pro and Xbox one s

  • Watching him lude is killing me😑

  • You are the brother of Bo Burnham?

  • I'm a bro army since the beginning and I really miss the Stefano reference 💖

  • Ethan: *drowning* Pewds: We can fish now, we're in the water.

  • 26:10


  • Well, im certainly will be able to olay this game. LOL. Let's play RE 4 instead

  • I hate your videos stop making fun of darn man

    • And I see that you love T-Series (Rule-If you hate pewdiepie means that you love T-Series)

  • I know what is in the a sea monster bull shark water eel bat

  • Hej jag kommer från Sverige 🇸🇪

  • pewds took long to solve the puzzle

  • "Ciorba de porc" means pig soup, why does he need fish in a dish called pig soup?

  • Pewds needs to block more

  • Seeing the wolf thing up close for so long really added to the fear, the wolf and the fetus monster are definitely the two scariest moments.

  • Feel like he’s more a Genshin impact guy since he strays from the plot/bosses to collect what feels like all the items...

  • I love how he skipped the house with the red chimney

  • How does one get over 1million subscribers from simple reaction videos??

  • how does the trader turn to cook the food

  • People judge pewds so much but I mean he’s stated many times that he’s a dum dum so what do you expect? Lmao I feel better about myself when I watch him fail or miss things

  • "audio stuttering" literally being fine...

  • 1:45:03

  • You can do it be reply ✌️

  • I really like to see Pewds not acting as a little chicken. He used to jump and scream after every little jumpscare in games. That was so annoying. Like, come on, man, it's scripted, why are you still getting scared after 5+ years? And now he finally realized, he overcome his fears. It is much more comfortable to watch him like this. Brofist and stay awesome!

  • I like how the people who make fun of Moreau are most probably the people simping for Lady Demistriscu

  • Fish: Running away to save it's life Felix: "It's useless to fight!"

  • Ethan needs more than just a shower at this point

  • wait u can cut through the slime? my friend used all his explosives on them lmao

  • You are already rich bro 🤣🤣

  • There are do many monsters that don’t even come in the story line wtf

  • ResidentSleepil

  • 2:20:40 first scare

  • A person brought a new iPhone, While running he fell down with his IPhone in his pocket. He heard a loud and clear cracking sound, He immediately said i hope it was my bone

  • A person brought a new iPhone, While running he fell down with his IPhone in his pocket. He heard a loud and clear cracking sound, He immediately said i hope it was my bone

  • 5:33 Felix: "maps are for idiots" Every grand strategy player:

  • Claudia Beneviento was a 9 years old (1987 - 1996).

  • "I think we're nearing the end of the game" -The game still being played for 5 more hours-

  • Boot will be final boss like granny in re7. you see both boot and granny everywhere.

  • My God, he's straight ass at this game.

  • 1:08:15 Pewds eating Sarmale

  • why am i so happy when he finally got the fish


  • When you fight the tough man. It's "chalice" pewds not charlice 😂😂

  • Have anyone notice, that when he is thinking he sounds like a villiger from minecraft

  • Pewds: *kills werewolf* Also Pewds: He was like a father to me..

    • Pewds is a secret werewolf confirmed?

  • Gahdammit Pewbs. First ten minutes, there a yellow gem on the violin hanging from the roof, you can't look at 5 places 20 times and then say you looked everywhere. Look fckin everywhere. Having a blast tho, luv you I'm sorry Edit: omg every time you try to combine or look at items you scroll through key items. Every time! This is the best worst playthrough I've seen. I'm dying of cringe and shouting at the screen Edit: gives up 1 shot to early with werewolf. Literally 1 sec later, knifes goo almost enough times

  • He’s funny 😂❤️ i love the video

  • 45:03 I mean if you did you could just pour some disinfectant on it and it would be fine.

  • These streams helped me thru a lot today 🙏

  • 12:17 Did he just call that bowed string instrument a guitar?

  • 45:09

  • I love Felix’s save theme song. 😄💗

  • Felix is calm in every other scene people have reacted...😅 What the hell? I would want him around when the shit does happens. 😆

  • Fish guy sounds like Jerma

  • Sometimes watching pewds play is like watching Dora's Adventure, BRO THE PASSAGE IS RIGHT THERE. Love you poods

  • Stephano is back!

  • All this for just some fish

  • This is pewds just roasting romanians XD The werewolf just dying and fight with the inventory were the best!

  • His aiming really cannot make it..

  • 1:25:47

  • Love u Felix but damn u need to read the chat more often

  • The amount of low iq pewds has always gets me

    • @Hotcosby 42 Exactly! But of course, no hate Pewds.

    • Bro he's usually smart. I don't know what's going on in this playthrough. Maybe he hurt his head recently or sth.

  • 1:07:05

  • They are rich cause they don't have when lose money. You don't just go to masseur like skeleton 😉

  • The werewolf looks like my Yorkie after months without a haircut.

  • 1:50:56 that's what she said

  • Pewd's chat is incredibly annoying... they even spoiled the twist with Ethan

  • for around 15:40 when chat was saying the audio was choppy, and @Explain Yourself saifd "restart ur bandicam pewds" I cried a little

  • his growl sounds more like a burp than a growl

  • KITTY COIN for those who want to help kittens x100

  • Feel so bad for Pewds that people keep telling him it’s lagging, and he keeps restarting it :(

  • The fishes were in mommy's castle

  • Pretty lame when the chat feeds him all the answers 😒

  • have my babies pls

  • indeed felix is the best gamers in the world so far!

  • Resident Evil 8 - A relaxing looting and fishing game

  • It's so annoying when anyone else is playing the game bc you know how the game works and where the loot is

  • Pewds drop shoting

  • what time does the scare happen

  • Pewds: "Whoever made the map in this game fuck you, I hope you turn into a zombie. " Guy who made the map in this game: ...

  • I feel so bad for the fish Dude :(

  • WoW

  • 1:21:15 did anyone else see a glitch of a moon for a split second?

  • I actually can't watch this anymore. The lack of sense of direction is literally killing me.