Someone Hackedf Me And Stole My Private Hidden Videos..

Birt 10 maí 2021
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  • Pagel

  • edger is so cute

  • all comments about his comment about the anime meme, love it. xD

  • is hackedf swedish? can someone translate?

  • ah yes, "meet the marshalls"

  • You are the brother of Bo Burnham?

  • One pece. Muda muda muda muda Muda muda muda muda Muda muda muda muda muda

  • "is that one piece?" One piece fandom: So you have chosen death Mha fandom: So you have chosen death

  • Pewdiepie has done it once again!!!! here comes all the mha shoto simps

  • I swear, every time I see Edgar, my heart melts. He’s just 2 cute. Wish I had him Felix.

  • I love typos in pewds videos lol

  • does pewds have a discord?

  • Good


  • 2:10 I would be legitimately scared if I heard my mum say this... because she is actually dead

  • when he said is that one piece to mha

  • Bro you spelt the title wrong

  • When she flip the knife. You saw it right? Hehe

  • Always t series is better than you

  • its my hero academia lol😂

  • Really did just say that those ugly hats are Australian 😠 those nasty things are English I swear!

  • Pewds. I have never unironically facepalmed before. One piece...

  • Tittle:*Hackedf* Pewdiepie:am i joke to u?

  • that smosh food wars joke really got me, it was amazing

  • Who is here after Mind= blown🤨🤯🤯😂

  • Ahahah : put on some pants please 5:52 ... obviously, leggings gives you 100% more views.. it's like RGB

  • .

  • Pewdiepie: “Is that One Piece” Us One Piece fans: “Should I tell him or...”

  • As an American I go HaHa at your American jokes

  • Wow someone 'hackedf' him

  • Maybe if you didn’t add f to Hacked, maybe you wouldn’t get hacked

  • Is that one piece Sh*t he is an idiot its hero academia

  • The girl with the knife definitely fucks


  • yes, i just need your videos to cure and brightened my life. thanks pewds.

  • fradah wath pawdiapa 0:08

  • Hackedf oops

  • 0:15

  • thanks for 10 subscribes now target is 1500 subscribers I hope you will subscribe me love you all guys!! my channel:-@UC3WGrIviVYwCZ7IiPzuivXw

  • What country was Edgar born in? I can't remember where he was living when he got him

  • title: Someone Hackedf Me....

  • WoW

  • I bet edgars brain would taste good with some salt.

  • Knife girl was cute. She cut my heart out and stole it... Can you tell her to give it back please? 😞💔 P.S I love Edgar 🐶🥺

  • You would start the video with that EXTREMELY unfunny tiktok 🤦🏼

  • Who Indian are here🤘🤗🥰

  • leggings are pants :'(

  • 12:43 My hero academia. Your welcome

  • the f in the title has me shocked

  • Pewd's roasting MHA, MHA fandom be like: nani shindeiru (ง ͠° ͟ʖ #)ง

  • Feels like the "is that one piece ?" was just a 200+IQ pewd's strat to destroy the yt algorithm with comments

  • i haven’t watched pewdiepie much in the past few years, and i come back to see fridays with pewdiepie and we’re all bros again. beautiful.

  • here before he corrects title

  • How many people love grandparents? ✋👍💟


  • the first one i watched on reddit but i didn't listen to the audio still funny

  • Discord link plz

  • Get The About PewDiePie Katana Welcome Others Skin You Minecraft Animation So Nice

  • Does the ring cost 300$?

  • Mr.pewdiepie if your seeing this please correct the f on the word hacked which you must have typed in hurry of uploading....

  • “Wtf is this anime I’ve seen it so many times is that one piece”

  • 12:43 The anime is called 'My hero academia' for anyone who's curious

  • the intro was a little bit to nostalgic :,)

  • Hackedf

  • 3:40 LMAOOOO

  • Is that one piece???

  • Hackedf

  • This video Legit went by in 2 minutes

  • I am a proffesionel hackerf and hecked piwdipes vidos thank for listern

  • haha i put the first clip in one of my vids great choice brother

  • Everything is one piece

  • pov you're reading the comments and almost all of them are about my hero academia and one piece

  • U did not just say one piece 😭! That is absurd 😭! That shitty anime can’t top one piece and it’s called my hero academia

  • its definitely one piece

  • 12:44 Its MHA pewds

  • did anyone else think that the ring at 3:50 was a number lock ring so your girlfriend will never leave you?

  • 2:04 PEDRO


  • Pewdiepie watched that knife with such confidence though.

  • im not worried that pewds mistook mha for one piece but im worried at how the mha fandom will react cause...the mha fandom, thats why.

  • Comment section - Is ThaT oNE PieCE Including me :)

  • You KNOW somethings wrong when he missspells

  • "Is that One Piece?" How could you... and you have a samurai sword... AAH HEART BREAK. JK it is MHA (My Hero Academia) / BNHA (Boku No Hero Academia).

  • "is that ine piece" the disrespect...

  • hackedf lol

  • Ese pinche intro me trajo buenos recuerdos de 2015 :(

  • Everyone talking about one peice while I'm here thinking about why felix said the Mitchell's vs the machines was meet the Marshall 🤔

    • @Ali Maisam same it was really good and had alot of meme references here and there

    • I was just thinking that that movie isn't being talked about when it was sooooooo good like I underestimated it before watching it

  • Can we take a moment to appreciate Edgar’s appearance in this video and he gets his own little reaction box

  • Now I understand why ISprofile added the "Clip" feature.

  • I have to say Pewds, I like how well you are keeping your facial hair trimmed.

  • Aah yes someone hacked"f" ur account *Understandable have a great day* 🦊

  • Aah yes someone hacked"f" you *Understandable have a great day* 🦊

  • you can tell how much felix has matured @ 5:52

  • boku no hero / my hero academy pretty good anime

  • Pausing at exactly 4:48 looks like the you receive i recive meme He also makes a funny face

  • Pewds:*laughing about his nokia d*ck pic Edgar: 8:06

  • The ring killed me, giving it to marzia hhaha

  • Hackedf

  • Is Pewds growing his beard back?

  • Yakuza meme in a pewds video is the best thing.