Tik Tok But Please Make it Stop

Birt 14 maí 2021
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  • I find it so sad how he has over 100mil subs but on average his views range from 2-4 mill, its almost like people sub/subbed) to him just to say they are subbed to him.

  • Yee

  • wow iphone

  • Ahh that amazing British accent...

  • Tikitoki is good sometimes, I don't know what people hate it so much, I get it there's a lot of stealing going on, and reposting but isn't that like every meme site

  • Someone is being insensitive here

  • Came for Taylor 😌

  • I believe in witchcraft now

  • That large rodent is called a capybara

  • my god, that grandma in pink. after saying that she gets bullied sometimes , hit me real hard.

  • The amount of cringe in some of the tiktoks in this video is infinite. Except for the grandma, that was so cute and wholesome💗


  • Chuybacapras lamooo

  • 4:09 is that ken

  • What's an African Lynx?

  • Lady in pink has my heart🥺

  • You are the brother of Bo Burnham?

  • F O R T H E 3 4 I P A D S

  • bro im reading outside on my phone why tf would i carry massive book with me ?

  • I had a really nice comfy hammock that I used to read in all the time and the neighbor kids used to make fun of me so I stopped, and now I'm pale

  • just to be a translator, the guy who got his skate board back was saying thank you so much

  • and people ask why is tiktok banned in india.........

  • Pewds.. im pretty sure those animals the pelican was chewin ass on were Capybaras ... i think lol

  • Felix: they got snapped Me:no, *amongus*

  • I love tiktok so cringe its beautiful - pewdiepie He's so relatablee lmaoo Definitely the true definition of tiktok "So cringe its beautiful"

  • Wow IfFoneee

  • Your the worst 😭😭😭😭

  • 2:54 I don't mean to be that guy, but isn't pewds a grown man making videos on a "kids" app?

  • No no

  • the iphone wow iphone skit is truly a testament of this generation and whoever bullied the pink grandma deserves to be sent to Nevada, Madness Combat style.

  • What kind of person bullies a wonderful woman like that.

  • I came here from Taylor R vlog

  • مين مو فاهم شي

  • I just came here cause Taylor said you roasted her in your video andso I wanted to see the full thing to know how much you roasted her

  • 4:50 if you’re here because of Taylor R

  • Hahahahahhhahahhhahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahhahhahhahahahhahahahahhahhhhahahahahahhahahahhhahahhhahahhhhhahahahaahahhahahahahhhahahahhahahhahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahhahahahahahahahhahahahahhahhhahahhahaha

  • Taylorrrrrr

  • who's here after watching Taylor R's new vid lmao

  • "Christian Ronaldo" yes

  • 2:35 someone gets all the ladies

  • iphone wow iphone

  • Prindafan

  • 12:04 wdym young?

  • Wow he can play f chords guitar on that thumb thing what if he play piano 🤔

  • 3:02 I didn’t know, I looked and he’s right

  • Türkler bastikkko

  • Bro army against pink lady's bullies!

  • I believe in witchcraft now

  • 5:34 whang :DDD

  • from binod to iphone

  • Wait that's not the guy

  • I was watching that when it came out and Joey suggs

  • Poor car

  • That is my favorite old woman

  • Eloquent. Very. Ty pudypoo

  • I hate tik tok

  • random elderly british lady wearing pink clothes: *exists* 19-year olds: _Begun the Clone Wars have!_

  • No la podes molestar a la señora de rosa!!q forros q son los q la tratan mal!!lo q no es tener una vida!!!

  • WHO BULLIES A O L D WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iiiiiiphooonneee...🤣🤣🤣

  • 110 M 😮

  • Hi bro I am big fan bro . Love from india. You are awesome.

  • Please make Korean subtitles again....!!

  • 0:56 cotton eye joe

  • Gandu hindi janta hai

  • capybara

  • I never dl tiktok or use it ever. I just watch cringe and roast videos. Perf 💪🏼

  • no need for a taxi, that thumb can make stop to a plane

  • bingbong

  • I’ve played siege w the thumb guy

  • This vids are garbage,search the salvation ppl

  • I don't think he understood the wake up call joke

  • 6:33 hol up... so your admitting that you've tried to put in the wrong one? You some kinda dummy?

  • CIATube: If we send 999,999 robo viewers, he will leave the culture war. Lol.

  • 2:43 I like how pewds didnt get that joke but he makes that guys joke in a difrent joke

  • Where did it come from? Where did it go? Sumthin sumthin sumthin cotton eyed Joe.

  • its hillarious when people dont know capivaras, there is one literally looking at me from across the street. i love brazil.

  • That granny made me cry

  • I love PEWDIEPIE

  • Have the lady in pink host meme review!

  • Iphone

  • POV: you just started the vid and your exited for the woman in pink

  • pewds: "its a good thing i never said the V word" but hes said the n word

  • most cars do have that feature.... the sizes of the petrol and diesel nossle are not the same.

  • I am Portuguese and it's so weird the way pewds said Cristiano Ronaldo 😂😂😂

  • Boy. ISprofile is very good at placing ads. I got mine at 3:13 just after he says 'check this out'

  • T series ko toh jante honge tum... Lol 😂

  • The thumb should never exust

  • I from in iraq i can speak Arabic i love you انا من العراق واحبكم ♥️♥️😘

  • Imagine lacking confidence and having an ego so fragile that when you see an old lady dressed as the way she loves you have to bully her That lady is the embodiment of self appreciation, she should be protected and we all should learn from her

  • 5:50 music? The vibe is lit tho i like that sive does that now

  • Me: reads title Me: visible confusion Me: So... just regular tik tok then?

  • India ban tiktok after it

  • Fack sub.

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  • 10:54 ur complaining ? We wait for this weather , in kuwait it rains less than 20 times a year , it is the hottest country , you can literally cook on the sidewalk

  • Chupacabra .. yea definitely

  • Hello everyone,who likes challenge and compilation ? 😸

  • Legend- Suscribe my channel Noob- Ignore

  • Guess I can't follow:(