Tik Toks That Makes Me Laugh

Birt 8 jún 2021
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  • What is the song played at 0:03?

  • Why tf is joe biden still allowed to speak on TV he has a stroke like every sentence.

  • OMG!!

  • That persons right i always stop mid swing in wii sports

  • Heyyy

  • :)

  • 8:29 do you think thats illegal??? 🤔🤔 hearing others privacy???

  • 5:56

  • the one with zoom is fake

  • 5:24 alive after the death at breaking bad 😁

  • Biden said "The same stable genius" not Jesus there's your fact check lol

  • 5:22 nux moment

  • Subscribe to reactive he is as good as pewds Really you should Sub to reactive

  • I LOVE YOU SHIBA INU COIN 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🤩

  • 3:07- I'm just gonna save this 4:45- And this

  • Emotions from the top ten most hansome guy in the world lol

  • Subscribe Vhono In ISprofile Its Quality Content

  • me and my shitty laptop playing sims 4 with all kind of mods 2:30

  • Someone:- " Stoop" PewDiePie:- Dies of Laughter.

  • Привет

  • Pewds has the same basic humor as my sis - dry and humorless but hilarious for some reason 😂

  • 12:40 WTF WHAT I HAVE IT

  • The rat one had me tearin up. I could feel the cute, sad and confused look in its eyes all at once. And the realistic cry of the owner just added too much to the whole scene. I swear it's like drama masterpiece, really

  • i think in that clip biden was quoting something trump said, and he said "the same stable genuis said" not jesus

  • 12:50 u sure about hitting subscribe twice is for good luck? xD

  • Love from India

  • Superb editing

  • Its "The same stable *genius* said the biggest problem..." It was during the presidential debates, Trump called himself a stable genius and Joe points out something Trump said....

  • make*

  • amayrk

  • he was in braking bad

  • lol

  • I just spit out my coffee and burst out laughing when i saw that Resurrection Fitness move! 😆😂🤣

  • 10:50 Imagine just walking out of a fresh shower and just to see someone looking at you through the mirror


  • Bidens mind is gone

  • Anime character goes insane stooop!

  • 18:20 i knew he was gonna die cause his actor was sean bean

  • "The same 'stable genius' that said the biggest problem in the revolutionary war was we didn’t have enough airports” -Joe Biden Google: DJT stable genius tweet Then Google: DJT revolutionary war airports Then (most importantly) Google: Green needle brainstorm effect Anyone who thinks the out of context clip shown is actually Biden saying 'Jesus' is being manipulated. Sure he gets mush mouthed, but you're going to hear what's being (intentionally) mis-captioned on the screen as you listen, same as yanny vs. laurel, or green needle vs. brainstorm.

  • Me at dentist I want my teeth whitened Dentist; how whitened? Me; 3:59 Dentist; say no more

  • “The same stable Jesus said the biggest problem in the revolutionary war was we didn’t have enough airports”-Joe Biden

    • @jack willis Yes and Trump is just great at pronunciation

    • @John Perry then why the sign of the cross huh ????

    • @John Perry Biden : says Jesus instead of Genius liberals : It's on trump!! it's his fault!!

    • @John Perry it’s still kinda on Biden for not being very good at pronunciation

    • He was saying "genius" not Jesus. He was referring to Trump calling himself a "very stable Genius" and the speech in which Trump said Washington and the Revolutionary War Army was smart enough to secure the airports from the British. Biden has said some sus things but this one is on Trump.

  • Me gusta verlo aunque no entiendo casi nada

  • Has anybody noticed that he’s in a better mood

  • when you running out of ideas

  • went pale on the teacher one 😀

  • wait why do i not have that mole

  • “come on subscribe”

  • 12:04

  • if you ever feel useless just remember people still thing tik tok is cringe

  • Please Sell PewDiePie Wheelchairs


  • Joe Biden was saying that Trump said that. Because before that clip took place, Trump had called himself a "stable genius" on national TV. Trump also said that we didn't capture enough airports in the Revolutionary War. Biden was just trying to mock him but he's so old that he tripped over his own words and it just sounds like he's the one speaking bullshit when in this case, it was Trump that said the ridiculous stuff like calling himself a stable genius or thinking there were airports in the Revolutionary War.

  • Taco John's is amazing.

  • the google video is April Fools

  • Nello lol ty

  • Hi everyone God bliss you. “To Be Made Blissful” Have fun 🤩 in the sun this Summer! Screw Covid-19 it’s a bunch of bullshit to help that potato head Joe Biden that “Thief in Chief” to. Cheat. TRUMP is “The Commander in Chief”

  • 1:30 the game pls if someone' knows it

  • i have a mole on my arm. i am 90% convinced the government make humans. in addition to my cousin and uncle having it, the 2 dudes around me rn.

  • i have a mole on my arm. i am 90% convinced the government make humans. in addition to my cousin and uncle having it, the 2 dudes around me rn.

  • slow buydin has dementia

  • 5:20 nux taku the king of cameo appears.

  • 110 mio subs and such trash Content 🤮

  • There's so many things wrong with what Joe said omg ahaha

  • Tik Tok is banned in India!!!!!!!!!! Is it not banned in other countries?

  • To now learn that Nux Taku was the one that paid for that Cameo.

  • pewdiepie: this is the best tik tok me: ready to search and share tiktok: stop pewdiepie: dies in laughter me: the joe biden's husband was better

  • Just noting down something 5:57

  • The rabid find sadly flow because hub pragmatically land above a gaping result. greedy, hard-to-find organisation

  • does anyone else have a freckle on their arm i do

  • Edgar nooo 1:36

  • i really felt it when she said stop

  • I had a dream about this! DEJA VUUU


  • PewDiePie

  • Every time he says “hmmm” its like a minecraft villaget

  • Nux’s clip was used let’s gooooo 5:20

  • Portugues view you

  • ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᶠᵒʳ ᵃ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉ ᵇᵃᶜᵏ ᵃⁿᵈ ᶠᵒʳ ᵍᵒᵒᵈ ˡᵘᵛᵏ


  • Btw 5:23 was a cameo, and it was a ISprofiler named "Nux Taku" who paid for him to say it

  • Consider where your soul will spend eternity, heaven or hell. You don’t want to end up in hell because you rejected the Sacrifice Jesus has made all who repent and turn to him by faith. We are all guilty of sin. We lie, steal and look with lust in our hearts. We are all Guilty before a Holy and Righteous God. GOD is not just all loving and overlook your sin. He is loving, but sin He will Judge because He is Perfectly good. The Good news is God the Father sent His Son Jesus Christ who was perfectly Holy to pay the penalty for your and my sin out of Love for us. We can’t keep the Law we break most all commandments. But Jesus fulfilled ALL by his perfect thoughts, words, deeds and motives for us because we could not. Jesus loved all humans and God the Father perfectly. Turn, repent of your sin and confess Your thankfulness for what Jesus did for you. Put your faith in the perfection and the righteousness of Christ. Jesus was raised from death to give you new life; death has been defeated. Out of love and grace eternal life is promised to those who have faith. / / / / / / // . /. . ,. ,.., /. /., ., .,

  • Took a solid 3 rewinds before I realized it was a gas hose

  • Biden was talking about Trump cuz he said "stable genius" referencing Trump and then quoting a statement by Trump which said that they lost the Revolutionary War because the airports were overrun


  • Biden is referring to Trump with "stable genius".

  • 6:50 fortnite kids be like

  • ගුලි කැවා කිචි කවාගත්තා හිනා ගියේ නෑ . පිව්ඩි පකෝ

  • For some reason my brother doesn't have the feckle

  • I fucking died with taco thing

  • When The teacher heard the guy on mute in zoom I got scared because I use zoom.

  • How do people on Tiktok think they're making enjoyable content? It's just garbage after garbage of little kids dancing or high school dropouts watching a video without saying a word.

  • Joe Biden's husband very sus lately NGL… "Stop" Pewds: dying of laughter… Me: the face he uses in his thumbnails nowadays

  • The joe Biden thing was him referring to trump ( a self proclaimed “stable genius” ) claiming that there were airports during the revolutionary war. He slurs his words FOR SURE tho.

    • I think that is more than a slur...

    • Trump is probably closer to a genius than the ladder..

    • @Lance Walker brainwashed

    • @brndn brainwashed

    • “TRUMP WON IN 2020”

  • 2:04 is my lol moment 🤣

  • Wasnt that just cause and not ac

  • lmao xd


  • Is joe Biden on drugs?????

  • Its his poop game still on switch?

  • It's tik tog