Strangers Rank Their Intelligence Is KARMA

Birt 4 jún 2021
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  • And she thought that maybe they put the asian on top because of prejudice, they could never imagine that a lot of different prejudices exist. In this particular group it seems likely that they put the white man last partially because of prejudice.

  • Sadly you are getting old 😕

  • Lol

  • Damn, I know I'm dumb af and an idiot, but I sometimes wish I have those confidence. I can't even talk to people


  • Pewds ive watched your videos and loved you for years now but this video contains a lot of naiveness and your comments can sometimes diminish the actual social problems at hand. (For example blonde girl's story in law firm)

  • that just shows how dumb people who point out "emotional intelligence" as an important part to being smart overall, are

  • There you can see the Dunning-Kruger Effect

  • The satisfaction when Maria get to last

  • 81

  • This is one of those time when watching someone burn would feel good

  • I just gotta say... I love Tyler's smiles.

  • Imagine how BTS💜 RM would introduce himself Hii My name is RM I am among top 1% student in South Korea And I am leader of THE Biggest Boyband on Planet Earth

  • the thing i learned about this video is not to talk good about myself

  • These are your classic pretentious, holier-than-thou college students. Regardless on how you feel about national defense, service members are the bravest and most kind spirited people you can meet. Sweet justice was served in the end! 😂😂

  • I think they put him in 6th because he so f***ING annoying

  • When ur a nine year old and ur smarter than everyone because you watched pewdiepie

  • Entiteld collage kids try to diss smart hardworking Marin

  • The US military actually really doesn’t want dumb soldiers anymore, ever since they started losing way too many soldiers in Vietnam to booby traps which required smarter people to avoid.

  • Before I even finish this video, if you get a 94 on your ASVAB, that is proof that you are intelligent. That’s ridiculously high for that test.

    • I’m very happy that Maria got last because she is the most insufferable bad of garbage that has ever disgraced my ears.

  • 8.27(🙃🙃)

  • guy with the gray shirt so sus

  • I'm Digital Artist and even tho I consider myself quite intelligent becauase of how many languages I speak, knowladge of geographics and history. I thought Sean would be least intelligent as well :D because of what he does..

  • The marine guys gives me BIG Dwight vibes

  • Pewd's street smart will skyrocket once he becomes pewdiedad

  • im hearing about this bullshit eq for the first time LMAO

  • What’s he flipping?

  • Gang

  • I like that the military guy is high up the rankings. They process a lot of information and are required to make fast critical decisions because they deal with life and death / potential grievous losses on the daily. While the gray guy, is both booksmart and streetsmart. Two things that can help you a lot in surviving in this world when one isnt viable. (For example, there are no job hirings so he cant use his degree, but cuz hes street smart, he can make opportunities for himself )

  • They hating on that straight white male no problem

  • Phenomenal

  • make covid 19 testing kits... so you are an intern or junior?

  • Bcz of maria im not going to take COVID vaccine

  • Pulled out all the stops, we got white, black, hispanic? middle eastern?, and even some asians. This is gonna be good.

  • sean was so chill

  • Wtf is this Sean person? I'm confused

  • its funny to watch her bragging and dancing at the same time then scored the least iq

  • Sorry boyos, but IQ is just IQ. EQ doesn't exist. It's not about your worth as a person, just your brain's horsepower. Just like you can objectively measure muscle strength by lifting weights.


  • tyler was how you adapt to something is intelligence reading books and taking degrees aren't intelligence look at those people like Einstein who made their own theories and formulas to makes our life easiers and understandable that's called intelligence

  • Pewds reacts to Dunning-Kruger effect.

  • None of them knew what a cbrn defense specialist is. And the stigma of Marines being dumb as rocks went against him as well

  • Maria is a narcissist. Ironically, that means she most likely has a rather low EQ. Lel.

  • Take note that if you dance around whilst bragging about yourself you will probably be the dumb one in the room.

  • the ending made me happy LETS GO TYLER!!!!

  • This hatred for the military. American youth... And they are proud of it. Privileged ingrates.

  • IQ has nothing to do with true intelligence. IQ is the ability to identify patterns and whatnot… lol Just incase I get backlash: IQ measures your reasoning ability, and your long term and short term memory. It also measures how quickly you can retain stuff and whatnot. However everyone can learn, and you shouldn’t rely solely on an IQ test to make judgements on someone’s intelligence.

  • The meek plaster approximately crush because math relevantly pass apud a waiting stew. minor, ripe girl

  • Maria: "Let me dust my shoulder like an absolute twit."

  • Is that a balisong?

  • Ayo what's the ballisong that you use?

  • “If you study for it, you will do better.” A very Chinese attitude

  • It is incredibly improbable to get a room of people with IQs that are mostly above 130, just by random chance. I think the producers were trolling the girl with the 112 IQ, to make her feel bad.

  • My definition of *intelligence:* from Latin _intelligentia,_ nominalisation of the verb _intellegō,_ meaning 'I understand': the capability of understanding, internalising and systematising information from the ambient, and transform it into useful hability. It's an innate capability, though it can (and must) be developed to different levels by different individuals, affecting their final position; and it's different from knowledge (which is in fact determined by education), though they're usually correlated. My ranking (before watching the official IQ test on the video): 1 (smartest)- military guy, 2- Black girl, 3- Asian guy, 4- Amy Whinehouse, 5- weirdo, 6 (less inteligent)- blonde girl. I won't look up their names. Also it's clear that everyone else is severely bigoted against the military guy; that says a lot about the average Usonian college student. Please keep in mind I'm not a native speaker of English, so what I write may sound incorrect or insensible. AFTER VIDEO: Jeez, I've heavily subestimated the blonde; feels bad. I also notice all of them are quite far above average. On IQ tests: they test for pattern recognition, which is heavily correlated to inteligence as I define it, and under ideal circumstances should be unaffected my emotional disposition, which may have skewed the results, in this case, in favour of those who are most familiar, and therefore confident, with doing the test.

  • Pewds struggling with that jar is the highlight of this video

  • They're all above average IQ, but I expected some to be on the

  • Listen if red pants is one of the last two I'm gonna laugh and go to sleep

  • I'm guessing the marine is the smartest. Lets see.

  • Sean is so cute please

  • Does he have a katana on his chair? IQ tests usually have a timer the faster you go the higher your score.

  • So funny how they flipped after there scores lmao

  • U just wanna punch every women in this video 🤷‍♂️

  • I am a 13 year old kid with learning disability and 90IQ tested, after watching this, i know i can do a PhD and some biological stuff and be a scientist and work in a tech comp no problem, surely it gives me hope :)

  • The real question is what is Pweds IQ? Petition to get him to take an IQ test

  • What u flipping in your hand

  • Tyler is awesome I liked how he was calm and proved them wrong.

  • covid testing kits? wew

  • sean is actually smart tf average is 100 he is 124

  • Felix: "Rank your intelligence" Me: "Really stupid" Felix" *Wrooong* " me: "i kno... wait what"

  • People vastly underestimate what the military is. Definitely are some knuckle draggers in the marines haha.. but also nuclear engineers and cyber security specialists.. and many other jobs that take a lot of acumen and training. Some of the military schools have over a 70% failure rate, meaning those that make it aren't exactly dumb. That's not even mentioning officers in the military which include doctors, dentists, electrical and mechanical engineers.. and guess what.. no affirmative action there.

  • Sean made the whole video better I loved his demeanor

  • all i can say is i have a higher IQ than the black hair lady who went to collage got a bunch of phd's and im a high shcool drop out

  • Gets into Yale on affirmative action policy and thinks they have a very high IQ.. but ranks military dude lowest who had to actually pass exams and training to do the job he does in the marines.

  • intelligence doesn't exist, if someone has photographic memory from 4 year old, remembers every date and what happened, but doesn't know basic mathematics, vs someone who knows every math's answer, but cant remember what they did yesterday to the tea, then who most intelligent....its honestly subjective.

  • it's the fact that those people couldn't study for the test. They spend their whole lives studying one single thing and lose track of everything else. sorry but cancer biology most likely won't be on an IQ test.

  • when you understand how a pak88 works, but the others dont understand, who has the smarts now.

  • I have an abnormally high IQ myself and this just makes me laugh my ass of and pissed at the same time.

  • They are doing the test after dummy

  • All them excuses eh, what happened to Tyler being a 6 huh? Haha

  • justice :) everyone loves justice.

  • Tall asain dude 1st, blonde girl 2nd, army guy 3rd, dark lady 4th, lgbtq guy 5th, lady in dark shirt 6th edit: HAHAH I got it right

  • Blonde really thought she was smart

  • Very good video

  • Pewds just flipping his knife in the corner the whole time

  • Seeing pie for first time so how's his channel?

  • They didn’t like the results and suddenly the test doesn’t work. This is why (1) you don’t judge anyone based on how they appear, race or the way they carry themselves. (2) Don’t be conceited, and see someone as being below you.

  • I loved this one hit up jubilee tell them too do more

  • "1 - Immigrant parents, first generation college..." What does any of that have to do with intelligence?

  • Black haired girl getting destroyed was so satisfying

  • Military guy is CBRN (chemical biological radiological neurological)

  • Tyler is a cool guy😎

  • hate when people bring woman rights into every topic that has nothing to do with it

  • Because people really think going to college makes you smart in everything, I can be a mechanic work in the oilfield make 150k a year and some person making 60k with a 120k degree think they are smarter.

  • This video was great and all but holy SHIT can we take a second and talk about how Sean had that drip

  • Wait till the black girl finds out about other intelligence stereotypes

  • Maria watching this video and reading the comments: 👩🏻‍🦯