Resident Evil 8 Village #1 - Mommy / Gameplay / Full Playthrough

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Welcome to epic full gameplay playthrough of Resident Evil 8 Village Part 1 epic
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  • Eyo pewds Shourba I'm Arabic means soup and I'm not joking it's actually real

  • The resident evil 4 vibes when getting a dangerous key with a scary sound

  • Going mad knowing pewds has aim assist turned off

  • No they didnt spent alot of time designing this

  • Felix in RE7 to Mia: “SHOOT HER! Kill- ellcckkk.” Felix now in RE8 : “Someone just did me a favor.” CAPCOM obeyed Pewds lol

  • Mia gets shots a million times and *dies* Felix (all chill about it)

  • 36:40 I can't, Ethan is so damn annoying!!! Lol the man gives him a gun, he can see the panic, the urgency, he hears creatures outside on the roof, he's read a poster that says someone has gone missing, he's seen dropped eggs and dead bait hanging outside homes, like GET WITH THE PROGRAM DAMN IT XD Seriously hate Ethan, he's such a nag to Mia and he's SLOW (dumb) ahhhhhhhhhhh!

  • I just finally watched this and honestly it’s pretty boring… I’m kinda disappointed idk I wasn’t expecting it to be all razzle dazzle but idk it’s just kinda boring

  • This game has a lot of references to the 4th one.

  • love your gameplay pewds. always: D

  • 1:21:36 mOthEr MerAnDA

  • One thing I will always remember “save station... gotta love my save stationn”

  • Pewdiepie youare PRO ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Crayator did it so much better.

  • Romanian is a mixture of latin and slavic languages I think, cuz the Romans. And for some reason those dudes speak perfect American English now:D

  • My plant also has some weird mold, should I be worried? When the vampire bit him, the whole time I was thinking, disinfect your woooooound!

  • Kakashi’s mouth reveal in the anime is like 1:12:17

  • If someone reads this 1:13:20 I guess she should have made it and just resumed in the safe house until something got cleared up and then she would have joined Ethan for a little while it would have added more to the game.

  • Havent seen the whole thing hopefuly he avenges crow

  • I jump scared when he sneezed

  • 1:25:46

  • 1:03:05

  • My anxiety everytime pewds turns around fast in the game: 📈📈📈

  • The car is surrounded by fire, it has fire going under it, yet it doesn't immediately explode... Uhuh...

  • 5:55

  • 23:48 *Logan Paul intensifies*

  • Do you know how bad that would hurt slaming your hand with your fingers bit off against the wall 1:20:31

  • Any work

  • I haven't watch this stream live about like last month already and I owe Pewdiepie an apology for missing his stream live on May 7th 2021

  • 5:00

  • Why does it look like he isnt enjoying this game with his condisending attitude

  • Hi

  • 👍👍👍👍❤️

  • how is ethan even alive after all these injuries

  • 4:38

  • @Hello Kitty

  • Was expecting more 'numa numa' comments...

  • Hi... everyone..👈👈👈👈👈👩‍👦

  • You are the brother of Bo Burnham?

  • Maybe the americans are cringe

  • As a proud Romanian myself, I 100% endorse everything PewDiePie says about us

  • A lot of people seem to think that we have 9 foot tall busty women in Romania. Yes

  • Im done

  • Pbi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fbi open up

  • The Duke best boy

  • 4:27 for anyone who wants to skip to the stream

  • I feel like Pewds somehow successfully blundering his way through the Lycan ambush without using the barricades and flour is a commentary on life. While some of us try, and sometimes fail to fight and keep our metaphorical lycans at bay, other people bumble through life blissfully ignorant of how close they came to becoming metaphorical werewolf shit

  • mother Miranda looks likea Biblicaly accurate angel 😂

  • 32:20

  • Pewds: So which language sounds similar to spanish? Also Pewds: *has a wife of the same language family*

  • Why do these games let you break a crate with a small knife but not fist?

  • Who puts their hands in soup?

  • 34:55 I jumped so badly from your sneeze bruh

  • Jacksepticeye: awww I get to hold a baby PewDiePie: which which button throws the baby

  • 1:15:27

  • Dipp her in "THE SAUCE"

  • 24:04 cawing crow ★ 25:34 felix yells at barrel ★★★ 27:47 wood planks fall ★ 28:18 ceiling collapse ★★ 34:54 felix sneezes ★★★ 36:35 felix blows nose and gunshot ★★ 37:42 grab ★★ 38:41 ★★★★ 41:55 stair breaks ★ 42:02 ★★ @ falling debris ★ @ water man ★ @ water man's bf ★

  • 31:57

  • You're one resident evil

  • “Awe Santa god damn it >:(“ 1:28:30 💀

  • Pewds and the beginning he was like " Where are we?" Then "Are we in Europe?" then "THESE ROMANIANS!!?"


  • Say after me : Ciorbă de legume

  • 226K people wanna dip her head into sauce 12:21

  • Excited about this play through with pewds glad it's open for everyone too!

  • The intro to this game is so cringey d:/

  • I enjoy some milks

  • coming from his RE7 playthrough, im not used to him breaking boxes without saying BOX!

  • 2hour What The

  • Dïp the Bæbee

  • Romania lit AF

  • 34:47 DABABY?

  • 4:25 Pews shows up

  • Cute baby rose

  • Image the deep sea theres that creature T.T .NO.

  • I dont like ppl sa lasy d a mommy milkers its gross :p

  • He misses so many things it's bugging me...

  • i hope this vid is epick mom told go do phon i told her nope

  • Romania

  • The old part he goes boooxxx

  • This was cat could play better 😼

  • 200k people wanted the baby to be dipped in sauce

  • 34:53 his sneeze scared me more than this game😭

  • No, but that's how Romania is tbh, the game it's stereotypical

  • my clock at 6AM 24:02

  • Can’t wait to see pewdiepie as a dad I love being one I know he will too love you pewds

  • The last thing rose ever heard was : 'ight, what button do I throw it with'

  • Pewds: “I really thought this game would have DLC, it felt like it was building up to something.” Me: “you’re telling me yOU DIDN’T PLAY THE DLC?!?!”

  • Pewdipie be like: 😐

  • Pewd's favorite dish is snow!😃👍

  • im big fan from india

  • Starts at 4:30

  • Felix for the entire game is like: *._.*

  • donna my beloved

  • I was laughing so hard when he said ok which button we throw her with

  • Pdp you look david beckham young

  • Did he just take an arrow to the knee?

  • Okay the "save station gotta love my safe station" reminds me of 4 years ago