I am being slandered online..

Birt 7 jún 2021
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  • I have pooped in the shower a few times while violently ill

  • intros getting better and even better and even better and even better and even even better and butter and even better

  • Well not in the shower, but I did poop in the parking lot of a target, because I wasn’t sure if I had to go to the bathroom or not: so one day, when me and my mom were going shopping at target and I had to go to the bathroom So we went to the bathroom at target, and I tried to go, (we were in a bit of a rush) but I couldn’t go, after a wile, nothing was happening so I told my mom that I guess I didn’t have to go, so after finishing shopping and going back to our car, and as you were walking to the car, and we got to the car, getting ready to leave, I kinda pooped my pants, so we took off my underwear and went commando and tried again but the same thing happened ‘I tried to go but I couldn’t go, and ‘we were in even more of a rush’ ‘I don’t remember why we were in a rush but we were’ ‘my mom was getting annoyed’ we were getting back to the car, and as we were walking to the car, and we got to the car, getting ready to leave, I pooped my pants again’ so I just so we took off my pants and I just pooped right there/ right where we were: right in the parking lot right next to the car and we got in the car and went home (years later: it eventually got cleaned up, and one time when we went back there I brought it up, we talked about it and then we laughed and it was all good) (so it was kinda a mix between the end off the poop in the shower story when it eventually got cleaned up, and the moral of your “I broke my nuts” story, and was “‘something we look back at and laugh at and not just cringe into oblivion’”.

  • Yesterday

  • Rr

  • That sound of the kiss,.. kill ME ALREADY

  • Its called trolling when you fish from a moving boat


  • Gak bisa bahasa Inggris

  • 8:23 "is that naruto?" THAT HURTS FELIX

  • 3,666,666 of your subscribers shit in the shower.

  • Pewdiepie Accuracy in college: 100% Accuracy in Grade schools: 99.9% Accuracy on gaming: 1000% Accuracy on roblox: 0.000000001% Accuracy on Minecraft 1000000000% Accuracy on other games: 99999999999999999999999999999999999999% Accuracy on watching: 50% Accuracy on watching adulthood things: 50% Accuracy of being a youtuber: 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999%

  • Love the Intro

  • you make fun of everyone lol-

  • As a attack on titan fan i forgive him

  • Its zeke from aot AAAAAAHHHH

  • That FwP intro was amazing, holy shit!

  • yesterday

  • That sucks they demonized him for a stapel of his comedy. Were his fans we think its funy to see a mic get deep throughted. Why cant it be up to the audience to decide what they like and for youtube to stay out of it.

  • “is that naruto, he loves naruto” …”he one… but at what cost”

  • Safemoon crypto folks

  • 1:42 where Sive edited Shit in shower lol

  • Pewds roasting Big Ed's kisses yet he sounds like duck when he does it xD

  • trawling

  • Subscribe to kavin memes time please

  • Wait, why do people shower every day? I understand if you’re sweaty or legitimately dirty (covered in dust from manual labor or something) but doing it every day on average is kinda bad for your skin and hair (if you wash your hair every time you’re in the shower)

  • 8:25 I... W.. FUCK SAKE

  • 110 million still so much low views?

  • Last time I saw Felix peepee was when he was the (trash bag) boss. And when he did the Harlem shake. It’s scarred in my brain :/

  • Gta san

  • you got demonitized for sucking a microphone for jokes? Meanwhile loagan paul is making riley reid deepthroat the podcast mic. youtube is real shit rn

  • I have $h1t in the shower pewdiepie i admit my sins... But i was stinky child... Wait no lies i was never a child i crawled from outta he|| at this age and i have always been this age u on the other hand have no escuse✌️i was stinky bb when i did

  • bruh i looked at the thumbnail and i thought my screen was dirty and tried cleaning it

  • *My entire class made up of 32 people and have never pooped in the shower:*

  • Made a vid on dhar man's response to u, the man is down bad

  • Is that naruto?

  • I think sive cut him saying I'm just kidding or something

  • Woah here in philipines its friday

  • I pee in the shower and I shit init once

  • I see that hammer every couple days

  • Is there a reddit link for the intro? The intro's so cool 🤩

  • Never

  • can his video get to 1 billion dislikes

  • 8:22 fellow Anime Fans, i think we lost our brother in the storm of reality

  • who did the intro? that was mad!

  • It’s called trolling , when you cast the line out and drag it behind the boat

  • Loneliest country is sweden he was born there; he lives in the uk; he has a home in japan and his wife is from Italy 🤔

  • We just watched this man go through all the stages of grief when it came to shitting in the shower

  • Pretty sure it was less that you pooped in the shower and more of the reasoning and what the aftermath was lololol also, pooping in the shower is gross

  • 3:20 it’s called trolling in Canada

  • 8:24 did felix just call Attack On Titan naruto

  • Naruto?????

  • Ngl that intro was rlly cringe

  • Man I also have good memories fishing with my grandpa. I also remember him gutting them

  • can i pls get a shoutout from you pls bro pls

  • Marco Merrino

  • "is that Naruto?" I do not fucking know neither

  • 8:19 *Attack on titan: "I am a joke to you?"*

  • Is that Naruto

  • 5:24 he did it with inspect

  • Is that baritone

  • When 1.18 comes out Felix should do another minecraft series

  • Is that Naruto Ahhhhhhh here we go again

  • 3,300,000 of your subscribers have pooped in teh shower

  • Ip in the shower

  • Bout to turn 15 in 25 minutes. I'm watching Pewds. Wish me happy bday pls…

  • 3:31 Dirty what???

  • 9:07 I know he pointed it out in he video but Omg what the hell

  • Microphone love was great! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Really pewdiepie

  • 9:08 That was nice

  • Yes this channel still poop and trash.

  • Why does Pewds's father look like Willem Dafoe? 9:18

  • 3.6 Million pewdiepie fans have pooped in the shower

  • I washed my pp in the sink several times and I am not ashamed

  • 1:42 top right corner adds with sentence

  • I went to ikea with my wife the other day, we both liked it.

  • Why would you not pee in the shower. Save water.

  • was it that hard to just say you support LGBTQ+ people lol?

  • Dragging the bait while moving the boat is called "trolling" in English. This would be funny if i was actually trolling right now, but that's actually what its called LOL

  • After that pic I just realised it might be a great idea to save space putting the toilet in the shower :D

  • Our septic backed up in the tub and I had to wash it out and I thought to myself "how did pewds get in here?"

  • 10:52 what?

  • Felix's sister looks like someone edited blonde hair onto a 10 year old harry potter

  • The talk of bathroom jokes...

  • Intro gets a thumbs down from me

  • 7+5 is 15 accordion the Felix

  • 10:14 no bok, more meme

  • Pewds to cute toddler dancing to his song: “Happy birthday ---‘s daughter 😐” Pewds to a Puggers eating watermelon 🍉: “aHhWWWWW 😍🥺”

  • ihatepewdepielovetseries

  • I sh*tted in the shower 🥴

  • 1. Denial 2. Acceptances "I Will never be known as sh*t in shower guy" "I am sh*t in shower guy"

  • Honestly. I have also pooped in the shower due to my brother walking into the bathroom laughing at me having to poop. He left after it happened. I haven't seen him since.

  • That should be done Jai T-series Pewdiepie, Hai Hai Sub to T-series

  • I’m sorry that intro was hard to watch

  • no felix that is not naruto that is zeke yeager from attack on titan

  • 6000 people?? 1/30 out of 110,000,000… it would be over 3,000,000 of your subscribers who have shit in the shower with that ratio.

  • 7:07 it wont be '22%'. its 12%. dumbfu*k

  • *city* pewds: sleep *city + sakura trees* pewds: REAL SHIT!