Resident Evil 8 Village #2 - Sorry Mom

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  • Is pewds playing on easy? when I played it took like 3 sniper shots to kill the flying ones

  • Mother Miranda is dark Jesus!

  • I like how the whole city is in ruins yet almost every door/gate is locked especially in the castle do they realy lock the doors every time they open one also it must be so annoying to do some puzzle everytime u Wana open a door let alone hide all the peices when your done

  • Damn!! 21:00 this song is ringing in my brain 😂

  • 9:15 bro ARE U SERIOUS im dead i thought pewds wqas joking looool😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • I love how you can just magically reattach the hand😂

  • I remember back in 2013-2014 When pewdie make this kind of videos. Daamn bros. I really love when felix play games and commentate it just feels like he was my friend or my brother and i was a little kid watching him play haha.

  • Looks like Mommy Milkers is gone

  • Wait why Pewds cannot use the sword in this game

  • If you play outlast 1 and 2. Every horror game looks like a uncharted game 😂

  • Ooooof pewds talking like masochist👁👄👁

  • 1:25:42

  • Mommy's death: Subtitle: [applause]

  • I cringed so way so many times. The most reputable Gamer in the world didn't play RE4, and the amount of "Grandpa" playing was too much

  • Anyone else can't help but wonder what Marzia thinks of pewds talking about the tall vampire lady? xD

  • "pour that liquid on my life" 😂😂😂

  • Ethan's a literal playdough baby

  • The reoccurring theme of this play through: “Omg I have a shit ton of ammo” *5 minutes later* “Guys I’m running low on ammo”

  • 52:15

  • You are the brother of Bo Burnham?

  • Epic

  • how dafuq did we end up in romana lookin for a baby kidnapped by alex

  • 1:45:40

  • I thought she was the big baddy

  • “He looks happy now” *kills pig*

  • NOOOOOOOOOOO I was so shocked when he killed the pig

  • I love how the healing potion also heals cut off fabric 😂

  • Quest for big booba

  • Ethan is dead durning the whole game. That makes it a whole lot more interesting

  • watching these live streams really just makes me happy seeing felix playing games again

  • Bro this video is shadow-band Noice

  • The game is great and all, but I gotta say.. my favorite part is when he gets all excited for the lunch Marzia just cooked for him.. so sweet! 🥰❤️❤️❤️

  • Can someone make a jumpscare list?🥲

  • 7:42 this, yes.

  • 1:20:10 “just give up👿oof🤭”

  • I feel kinda bad for mommy. She was just trying to have dinner and all the sudden her daughters get fukin murked by the main course. Rip mommy, you will be missed 😔 🙏

  • *Y E S*

  • Pewds: "I don't get it... What did I do?" Also pewds: *literally killed one of her daughters*

  • 21:11 wtf Felix

  • What are the controls like for the ps5?

  • peepeepoopoo eating jeorgan

  • (Don't mind this comment, its just to remember where I'm at for this video, keep scrolling) 16:09

  • مقطع خرا

  • مقطع خرا

  • He been pushing that pig for so long

  • 1:18:01 Freiza much

  • Welp, at least you did something Mark didn't do: Sell the Crystal Dimitrescu. Cause he's too much of a fucking simp, even when she has said outright "I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU BECAUSE YOU KILLED MY DAUGHTERS!"

  • 8:42

  • Why are there so many people trying to be smart asses in the comments, talking about ethan's hand and injuries. If you actually played the games, you'd know he's infected. He's also a corpse, which puts all these snarky commenters to absolute shame. I hate that people think they're smart for pointing out obvious logic flaws, eventhough it makes sense in the game.

  • more like 9999999999 pack brain

  • Her: see? There you are Pewds: actually im going back here

  • His puzzle solving skills is actually impressive. He's an engineer ofcourse

  • was the bleach a reference to re7s bleach? same label.

  • 1:45:40 me neither. Fuckers took transylvania >:(

  • 1 Ethan Winters=500000 tanks

  • Lesson of the day: Don't go to Romania. Just don't

  • Pewds: awe hes so happy now we did it *kills pig* Pewds: aw shit 😂😂😂

  • 1:50:19 never sent such a meek walk back as "under the sink, thanks chat"

  • I want to join but i don't have money

  • 21:00 Pewdiepie makes his first piano music. Will need some editing for proper release. I'm waiting for the first solo

  • "Mom, we need couple therapy. "


  • Mommy's laugh makes me uncomfortable.

  • 57:22

  • Good game play , 👍🏿

  • "Let's make as little noise as possible." * _immediately breaks 2 vases and a window in one shot, then another window w/ the next one_ *

  • 지금까지 본 게임 유튜버 중에 제일 차분하고 안정적으로 하는듯! 역시 짬에서 나오는 바이브가 ㄷㄷㄷ

  • Alcina is my wife :V

  • Can you play Little Nightmares 2 please.

  • Lady D: *literally about to kill him* Ethan: *flirting intensifies*

  • 28:13 hmm

  • *kills one of the daughters* “i don’t get it.. what i do”

  • The daughters lived here for so long humans and vampire yet they forget to stay away from windows?

  • "owie mommy why you hurt me" is my favourite line XD

  • Do a video on far cry 6 PewDiePie same this please @

  • video starts at 0:18

  • For those who don't understand the hand reattachment, Ethan is infected with the mold from RE7 which gives him regeneration abilities, the salve he pours on himself actually helps accelerate it.

  • legend said that pewdiepie still don't know how to rotate item

  • 0:20 is when it starts.

  • Like Felix I become immune to jump scary and anything so what scary moments. I feel like that’s because I been watching him for 7 freaking years!!! Lvu dude

  • Should have save multiple files for the convenience load back

  • If he passes that labyrinth puzzle one more fucking time I will lose my shit

  • Resident Evil 8 but Pewds is actually the villain

  • This game is so fucking boring lol

  • 9:15 and that’s how science works kids 😀👍

  • Felix do be blaming the flying monster that he killed outside the railing 😂😆😅

  • 0:51:10

  • VANDERPLANKI why did that send me man

  • Pewds: *sees a dead horse* Also Pewds: *He's fine*

  • The chat feeding pewds the answers is pretty lame... 😒

  • the disinfectant can cure covid

  • lol “hairloom”

  • She's like Slenderman, except she's thicc.. and a woman.

  • it fixed his COAT?! i like the little detail of the "scar" on the coatsleeve too. that disinfectant must have some superglue in it.

  • fkin hand man , i'm dead 😂😂

  • the mold is strong with this one

  • 44:35 lol

  • Pewds: simping for big tall vampire lady "Look at that simp!"

    • i wonder what marzia be thinking lol xD

  • I have jumped/ flinched like 100 times mate 1:18:13 felix: mummy chill 🤣🤣

  • The dusty marimba multivariably wail because team conventionally post as a puffy romanian. fancy, bewildered join