Americas Cheapest Family...

Birt 13 feb 2021
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  • 15:00 when you have no more of the same blocks to place in your mincraft house but want to finish building the house....

  • Man loves he's duck tap

  • The intro tho- 👁👄👁

  • The "wrench" is actually multi-grips and the cheapest one you can buy is like 25 bucks (AUS). Just get a cheaper pan with a handle lmao

  • Where tf did the 30Gs they apparently saved every year go? They just put it all in their money into fucking doge coin or some shit?

  • "6:22" Well i found a program that generator money It totally changed my life 𝔾𝔼𝕋𝕄𝕆ℕℂ𝔸𝕊ℍ. ℂ𝕃𝕌𝔹 අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

  • I lost it when the pan didn’t have a handle 🤣 it’s hella annoying

  • My dad did that same shit with the shower head but he was on meth or something and got arrested for dealing

  • Lords Mobile is an unplayable game unless you willing to empty your wallet.

  • his happy birthday sounds in a diffrent accent

  • Imagine biying a 3000 series graphic card today, while having this wife.

  • "let you plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt."-Sun Tzu, The Art of War from technobabble video Skyblock: Potato War 2

  • “Bitch fuck your highlights I’m wiping my ass” that shit had me crying laughing

  • lol i think its funny when pewdiepie questions how the kids are gonna cope with the pig being eaten eventually cause theres so many kids that grew up on farms/ had farm animals it just apart of life. and some people are more used to it than others i suppose.

  • Without beard he looks bad person...but with beard he looks good person...

  • That part where pewds see how the carpet is placed together sounds like a horse.

  • The intro's animation is better than motu patlu

  • Little haikyuu refrence

  • Bean bag chair = dirt pile

  • This shit is fake

  • She really discovered farming about 12,000 years late and thinks she's really clever

  • Just clean the carpet

  • just like lubatv.i liked the video and i realized that a lot of brazilian youtuber copy his ideas

  • The fact that Felix *still* recorded a video for this day with a headache and a nosebleed.

  • *the intro feels like a massive haikyu!! reference*

  • The jumpy paper connoly impress because notify consquentially rescue during a disturbed editorial. painful, nutty freckle

  • I think I haven't watched PewDiePie In like a year cuz I really liked and missed his doctor Phil vids and I saw this and got good time flashbacks lol and I'm back to watching😂

  • I would have preferred you using your avatar, looking at you with tissue in nose was DISGAHSTING

  • when they have duck, they film it to make money

  • I enjoy that the intro was haikyuu

  • The familly of 5 minuters craft confermed

  • That Haikyuu inspired intro was amazing 👏

  • I can´t believe they made up the cookies baking in the car thing...... why

  • This man been watching too much Haikyuu


  • At least they will be fine with lockdown

  • Sick?

  • Homeless people live better than the first family

  • Sad part is if that guy did diy videos on ISprofile he would make a killing just based off how bad he is

  • can make a wish ask for ╭∩╮picks from celebs XD

  • “ People who are different” holly hell, they are the ones using a water bottle as a shower head.

  • People literally do this and I bet the kids grow up to hate them 😔

  • Raising animals isn’t easy or cheap what a bunch of idiots

  • That realtor must've been on lettuce or something because nowadays people buy gross houses to renovate them.

  • Do y’all remember weird Friday BRING IT BACK

  • Some poeple are just SICK

  • The last lady is a ISprofiler that's channel is about saving money. It's fake, this was just a way to build her brand, it's a commercial really. She does have like 15 kids though.

  • 2:58 ur welcomd

  • this family dosent compare with soviet people during stalins time

  • This man said we’re in Texas it’s a good market, dude texas has cheep houses trust me no ones gonna buy it

  • Christmas must be fun there

  • How teachers think you’re gonna live when you fail the test

  • whats the outro song..?

  • They would wash their dishes in the toilet if it meant saving money

  • they are lucky i make 1 dollar per year!

  • Nose tampon 👍🏻

  • Glad they found each other, because finding out after you married them that your spouse actually operates on the plane would be shocking.

  • 2:02 What happen to marzia

  • They need mrbeast help asap

  • I just feel bad for the kids man, their family clearly has money and yet they'll grow up as if they were poor.

  • They all eat 1 piece of bacon and some boiling water. Must be poor asf

  • next time you do a video like that please level up the volume of the video you are watching cause your voice is loud and the clips volume is very low

  • "Lord smallbath"

  • Lol imagine how mad they were when they found out the ppl flushed their toilet without even using it lol

  • They could’ve shampooed there carpets

  • This is a rich persons idea of being cheap. How embarrassing.

  • Imagine walking past a car and seeing cookies being cooked inside 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • America's cheapest family? They have a house with a fucking backyard


  • All the money while you live your life watching mine go away making yours go away I AM YOUR LIFE LIX. ENJOY👍😁😘😉 ENJOY PUNCHLINE PIE 🤣 HAVE FUN SON

  • Are you gone? . Can you go away? Celing floor gang

  • His laugh at the carpet part made me feel very happy for him, this was the first time I've heard it and I really hope he does it more. 14:41

  • that's fucked. lmao.

  • was the intro diss on cocomelon? lol

  • These poor kids I feel so bad they're probably starving

  • To be honest I'd be disappointed if I spent $50 for my living room to look like that? If she said 25/30 I'd not think anything...but 50 for a deck chair and what looks like a beanbag insert? Nah that's not the one hun

  • I swear furniture is cheap why are people like this!!!

  • Volume sucks ass

    • Melanie O'brian: We dont want to raise our water bill 7:20 THEN WHAT IS THIS?

  • Who spends $20,000 on living room furniture???

  • Best Part was 14:40 XD

  • You can use the pool water to water plants or just not let the kids swim at all💀

  • these people r so dirty

  • 😂

  • shit is so fake lmao

  • That intro would be realistic if it was me and not you. :P

  • these cant be real dude.

  • The pig teardrop goddd save me😂😂

  • My brother: i have the best intro ever Me: check this out

  • Why does he look like his girlfriend beat him up and he stopped crying right after the camera turned on


  • 3:45 i think what the kid wants to say is "I can see my shit on the plate"

  • Melanie O'brian: We dont want to raise our water bill 7:20 THEN WHAT IS THIS?

  • I fucking love the intro is it like haikyuu?

  • My 5 month old keeps thinking it’s coco melon time and not sleep time.

  • That neighbour wanted them gone as fast as possible 😂

  • 5:37 lmao

  • i love the haikyuu + one punch man intro, it was AMAZINGGGGGG!!!

  • I asked my dad who used to do carpet about latching it up and apparently it is a thing and they make a tool for it

  • No the patchy carpet is brutal. Someone walks into the home, and if they dont immediately walk out, the house still is instantly a fixer upper which means the money you save is coming out of the final sale X 3. Its not worth it.

  • When pewdiepie screams wow about the "home made shower head" you can not tell me it doesn't sound like 2015 Kwebbelkop