Funniest Tik Tok Of ALL TIME xD

Birt 24 maí 2021
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  • as an indian bro what he did was not cool at all cringe bs

  • Yeeee

  • “It’s probably edited.” No. No he actually talks like this.

  • Whaat! My video made it all the way to PewDiePie :D Welcome to plant TikTok!

  • He ain't an Indian pewds... Seems to be from Pakistan...

  • The grandma at the end looks like Jimmy Page

  • I’m glad that there is someone on the internet still that teaches people what common sense is

  • wtf the second the guy (9:55) said no sound my heaphones turned off nvm they died lol

  • Imagine a future where people dont talk on the phone anymore, it’s just robots talking to each other and they could be using some morse code behind the scenes

  • Road to 200M Mr.Pewds🤗

  • 12:49 really cracked me up my stomach hurts!!!

  • The best part about the Joe Biden video, he actually said that!! He says wacky stuff all the time!

  • Google cancelled that project.

  • 1:09 what’s the song????

  • No Biden says dumb shit all the time

  • The common thing between PewDiePie and carryminati. They both don't like tiktok😂.

  • That google thing creeps me the hell out !! 😭 I personally never liked it when clients called our salon using google system… I hung up 2x thinking it was a scam!

  • Oiii ... algum Brasileiro aqui ?

  • Nice.


  • Lmao lmao my cat says meow

  • *“Australian Pewds can't hurt you. It isn't real”* Australian Pewds: 3:13

  • 3:36 best soccer player I know.

  • Why do I always watch the end part

  • You miss shots that what you take do, don’t take the do if you miss the shot

  • pewds has the most caucasian millenial man humor

  • Am sure pewdiepie doesn't know zidane or mpabbe🤣🤣🤣

  • I’m from India that is a grate carmborde trick ever

  • I´ll try spinning thats a good trick

  • I agree with him on the plant stuff tho, Plants vs Zombies was warning us

  • Predisposed talked through the card one and I didn’t get the joke or what was even happening nooo. Yes I know it’s Pewdiepie but thought it was funny

  • 2:22 XD

  • PewDiePie: Nature is beautiful Also PewDiePie: Nature is gross.

  • The sudden drill provisionally deserve because cupcake oppositely supply afore a thankful vault. knotty, instinctive parrot

  • E

  • pewds that is a real joe Biden clip it’s not edited 👀👀

  • Nice video

  • the thing he did is carrom its a game and needs precision by putting the queen in net in most unexpected way and i think that was cool

  • 2:57 sharingan pewds

  • I hate you pewdiepie

  • I hate tiktok It's just an app for cringe people

  • 7:12 Honesty is the best policy.

  • pewdiepie: 0:14 "nAtuRe Is aMaZinG" also pewdiepie: 1:11 "NATRURE IS DISGUSTING IM DONE WITH NATURE!"

  • Its not edited, joe biden has dementia, please dont make fun of him

  • hope that guy finds his way outta that bush 🙏

  • Gg pew now y no3 congratulations

  • You are the brother of Bo Burnham?

  • 9:02 Isn’t the flag too large

  • Cancel NATURE -Tseriesz

  • The video should be titled as dumbest tiktok's video's

  • If you enjoy tiktok cringe watch the POV videos... 😦

  • That asian guys interview was insane

  • Lazarbeam is way better than pewdiepie

  • Tarik

  • 2:47 Noooo this is not him 😂😅

  • The way Biden obliviously trapped his wife's hand in his mask during the cringe hug 9:10 , no wonder we have inflation and pending war

  • ice engle

  • 'Take that companies!' Google is a company too pewds

  • If you think plants growing is scary why don’t you take a look at mangoes with air pockets/holes

  • God I love this channel!

  • what is that "Smiley pink Box" in the back of his room? I kinda want one...

  • Manda um salve pro Brasil ♥️

  • The aussie siri didnt make sense

  • Imagine interupting someones gym sesh. FUCKIN RUDE

  • I mean there's a feature on the pixels/androids that you can use your Google assistant to screen calls and it robocalls the robocallers 😂

  • 4:28 I see, so you havent learnt how we gain power in our lands.

  • Can anyone tell me what's the name of theme in 0:39?

  • oyster mushrooms are a great source of riboflavin!

  • If pewds hits 111milion its the first time in pewds history that he has 3 same numbers

  • Felix feeling digusted by eggplant with epic music in the background is just hilarious

  • You know its funny when he puts an xD In the title

  • I watched his "Try not to get satisfied" video and he kept saying i hate nature near the end and now hes saying "natures beautiful" then said "natures gross" FELIX MAKE UP UR MIND


  • Joey kidney!!!!!

  • Is he playing with a butterfly knife during the whole thing??? Lol


  • Greatest mind blowing backyard!!💩🙉😤

  • happy birthday

  • 4:00 I didnt know pewds knew Ronaldo

  • 7:07 that quick shot of the man with the mask on top of head combined with no reaction from Felix sent me more than it should’ve

  • It's so funny yet worrisome that so many people don't know it's the flowers that become the fruit. Tomatoes, peas, strawberries, cucumbers, melons, all the fruit grows this way.

  • Do a video with oompaville

  • Whats the toy hes playing with? The 3 prong thing.

  • Basically that indian guy played carrom it's like pool but with pucks so the trick he did is like a pool trick

  • Pewds: “I’m ok with being with people in silence” Also Pewds: “HES SO SILENT FILL IN THE DIALOGUE BRO”

  • That guy that said that in the card tik tok is me when I try to be clever

  • Closeted LGBTQ+ on June: 1:17

  • It wasnt nice to call the person in 3:25 an idiot, I think you could have influenced her a lot more if u presented ur opinion respectfully

  • Wait what did the guy at the gym say to the girl who wanted his Snapchat?

  • wait did pewds just bought a balisong?

  • who’s here from noel?

  • Daddy noel!!!!

  • Guy: makes fun of putin's height Russia: *angry war noises*

  • Felix please do more you laugh you donate.

  • 6:11

  • Hey pew, you better to watch some Sri Lankan TikTok videos. Those are the shittest videos in the world.

  • “F#*k you companies, I got robots on my side now.”

  • Jamage..

  • 5:04 “i don’t know if i wanna live on the same planet as that” 😭

  • "Thank you boromir" 🤣