Big Ed Returns With More Cringe Xd

Birt 9 jún 2021
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  • how much she gettin paid lol

  • I swear Big Ed has the most disgusting love language ever

  • 2:28 Y'all look at his head bottom right why he so tiny tf Is the lady standing on a platform or something lol Edit: didn't notice she was sitting on a high chair lol

  • Wait hold up, this weird as hell man... This is just a date but they sleep together in their 2nd or 1st date? I-wtf is this sci-fic romance that came from the most low rated book or something

  • Den här killen har verkligen ingen nacke.

  • no neck boy

  • I wish i had a neck like that to get into when i'm cringing.

  • His daughter is gorgeous lol

  • damn, Liz seems to be a nice girl too

  • Please shoot me

  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • i fucking cant watch this haha

  • made the unfortunate mistake of watching while eating

  • he's a potato tho

  • You couldnt pay me all the money in the world to even get within 15 feet of this guy. I don’t understand how anyone would let him kiss them NOT TO MENTION MORE 😀

  • Why does edd look like he was ripped and buff in the thumbnail

  • Somebody get this guy a treadmill

  • You didn't get to Fernanda's roommate scene 😂

  • And you would do it too for the check 😌

  • i never knew cringe would ever be this painful 😃

  • Where is his neck?

  • Me: Mom can we watch John Wick Mom: we have John Wick at home John Wick at home: 10:05

  • wait a sec isn't the guy in 13:34 the colty guy

  • That whole thing is just second-hand embarrassment 💀💀

  • Bro I remember when u were playing with mr barrel and 500,000 subs

  • Pewds is a comfort youtuber for me

  • Great video pewds but I can’t another minute of this

  • 110 million what does Pewdiepie earn a year? Ads etc..?

  • My pinky toe is sexier than Big Ed

  • Bruh

  • Big Ed is a legend

  • I did not know cringe could get this painful. I have regrets


  • Why i can’t unsee grimace?

  • girl, RUN

  • This guy definitely needs to work out and eat healthier. Im so impressed to the fact that he actually gets to have a relationship with these women and they do like him and he somehow finds a way to screw it up himself, jesus christ

  • Everytime I looked at Ed, i automatically elongated my neck.

  • I always have to pause during these because it's so painful to watch

  • I was eating after that kiss I lost apetite! 😖 And I feel I need a shower and tooth brush

  • too soon for that had sex anyway

  • Ed: "this is going down in big ed history" her: "You hurt me, you blocked me and went to Vegas!"

  • i saw a new hunger game ad

  • I saw Big Ed in San Diego days ago. Held his chin pretty high for a guy with no neck.

  • Big Ed has no neck

  • My favorite thing about this video is how Colt judges him so hard. *Colt*

  • Muted the Video when they kissed bec I don't like throwing up in my mouth

  • I died from cringe. Texting you from the afterlife. I still didn’t decide wether it’s hell or heaven. I wanted to watch some videos but all they have are sextapes of this guy.

  • That walking diaper of cringe. I'm gonna try to see how far I can go watching this... Diaper before I go to therapy.

  • you could write a whole anitmated kids movie about a fat soldier bird from the 1860’s around this guys appearance😂

  • I think maybe her glasses don’t work so well and she’s not aware of it

  • OMG thats too much cringe. That I love u fvcking killed me inside. Just cringe

  • The mother saying "what for youre gonna look like a lady instead" and "its a natural thing for a man to have hair right?". although the second comment is true, it kinda gives me a vibe that i understand how he was raised and/or influencedxDDD

  • It was incredible

  • I owe my life to Pewds for skipping everything at 11:14 cuz jesus christ...

  • She cried over HIM? Omg girl you can do soooooooo much better wtf am I watching

  • Ed’s a one night stand kinda guy he’s a player 😂

  • if big ed starts doing a T pose he might look like patrick in spongebob

  • big ed more like big egg

  • Does he have a neck if he would lose some weight?

  • Had to block my the view of my bloody LAPTOP screen to stop seeing felix from showing how big ed kisses. Blech.

  • Wtffff bro the cringe has increased dramatically

  • these woman have to be getting paid soooooo much no way these girls are doing this without compensation

  • Honestly I wish they made rose more famous than this rude thump

  • Bruhhh wtf am I doing wronggggg😩

  • Auugh, watching awkward social stuff's the WORST! But.. I can't look away..! It's so embarassing, but it captivates!

  • Look at that beautiful couple

  • where is his neck

  • I told my husband about 2 months after dating that I loved him. He did tell me first.

  • It saddens me that someone would think so little of themselves, that they would date Ed.

  • I want to watch this but I just can't... too much cringe, it hurts 😂

  • this guy is the penguin from batman. No Neck WTF

  • I wonder how much money she got to do that, I refuse to believe that that's real

  • poor ed 😐😐

  • I'm having a hard time watching this thanks god there's pewds LOL

  • Yo she must be getting paid a FATT check if she’s still going out with that guy after the first date

  • How tf am I still single

  • 8:06 pewds lost his will to live

  • 6:59 Pewds is cringing so hard, it's insane :D

  • Thank you Felix for your comment at the end. I just realised a bit more how happy i should be with my gf

  • :)

  • It's taken me multiple days to watch this video due to cringe overload. Literally need to take breaks.....

  • I think i can watch pewds watching ed forever he makes that videos thousands times funnier

  • Let's not forget the fact that Ed divorced his first because HE cheated on HER. Once a cheater, always a cheater…

  • That kiss tho ()’:

  • Mans cracked her ribs at that beach

  • Im dying of cringe

  • i dont know man, but i just notice ed is loosing more neck every appearance onshow LMAO ..maybe its not his final form yet?, but i'm still waiting for him to turn his whole body into complete IRL humpty dumpty hahaha

  • 11:58 were did she go i think she was engulfed for a sec

  • I'll never understand how any woman could even get with Ed at all. You can tell Liz didn't even wanna go on a date with him in beginning. Obviously, these women get with him not for looks but for money and fame!

  • This is some intense cringe

  • This shit got me swetting inside!

  • 14:45 actually he's so right about it

  • I can’t believe he’s got this many women, even if they’re paid, like not worth it

  • how much is this girl being paid? honestly...

  • This man… i swear🤢

  • *Jabba the hutt approves*