Responding To The VTuber Controversy (omg)

Birt 4 feb 2021
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  • These spam comments are annoying AF

  • No way!!! FELICIA!? 😱😱

  • This truly was funny. But still, it's a shame that some people are like that, but that's life, I guess.

  • 4:37 - You got them good!! 🤣

  • 3:56 - Yes, exactly!! 🤣🤣

  • I love how comedic he gets, even when many are against him. 😂😂

  • 480p? WHAT!? Since when? 😂

  • Pewbs: This is great, I need to figure out more ways to piss off idiots. Nux Taku: Please, join me...

  • I found so funny when pewds use his 'biggest youtuber' card 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • “All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists” Me a Bengali: cries in fish go blob blob

  • Bullshit. This is stupid. My opinions won't matter but i hate ignorant people that will backlash some youtuber that they have not even research. And also im a pinoy from the philippines. So the white supremacy quote is bullshit.

  • This is so disturbing

  • "All Pewdiepie fans are white supremacists" Me, an asian: *cries in ภาษาไทย*

  • but twitter im a filipino

  • "All PewDiePie fans are white supremacists" Me, a Brazilian: Come to Brazil

  • Dayummm Neutral here.

  • They say Pewd’s fans are white supremacist, **Cries In filipino**

  • VTubers actually thinking they're an ethnicity. That's literally what this is. All those accusations of racism were because they see you as doing Vface.

  • "All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists" *cries in Filipino*

  • All PewDiePie are white supremacist Me:a slave 😧

  • “All pewdiepie fans are white supremacist” Me a white conservative: Cries in caucasian

  • "All pewdipie fans are white Supremists " Guess I need white paint to cover my dark skin

  • The fact that people don't understand sarcasm makes me sad, we truly are getting dumb

  • “All PewDiePie fans are white supremacists” Me, a Gamer: *dabs epicly*

  • bruh

  • "all pewdiepie fans are white supremacists" Me, a filipino: 👁️👄👁️💅

  • *scared and confused Benelux Bisexual noises*

  • “All PewDiePie fans are white supremacists” Me, a french : *cries while eating a baguette and frog legs*


  • ''Sister Fister'' Ok.

  • i was not keep up with pewdiepie content lately. but thanks to this video. Now i'm glad i'm back.

  • Uhm, I didn't even realize that there was this kind of drama in the vtuber world even tough I've been following it for years now "4 years... Maybe?" And I never even realized that there's alot of non Japanese vtuber itself. Guess I've been deep in the JP hole for too long.

  • “All pewdiepie fans are white supremeacists” Me, a bisexual Mexican: cries in mariachi

  • “Sister fister”

  • regular person: "wait why do people think he's a white supremacist? He's actually grown quite a lot over the years an-" idiot: "JUST GOOGLE IT"

  • "All pewdiepie fans are white supremacist" Me a Filipino: *Cries in Philippine Corruption"

  • Vtuber: peWDiEpIEs aUDiEnCE iS FuLl Of WhItE SupreMicIsts! Me a pewdiepie fan: Guess im a white supremacist

  • How the actual fuck do people relate white supremacism with uh... This? Xd

  • Thanks to the Vtuber community, pew news is back

  • “All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists” Me, a Chinese, sheds a single tear

  • He looks like paul from jobless

  • “all pewdiepie fans are white supremacists and are bad for the LGBTQ+ community” me, a harmless and awkward bisexual: *cries in sweater weather*

  • Jeez wtf is WRONG WITH PPL *palm to the face* Like seriously he does wat he wants why r they being butthurt

  • Everyone’s so soft

  • Sorry guys I don't no what he was taking coz the whole time I was looking at his face he was damn pretty 😍

  • "All pewdiepie fans are white supremecists" me.a south african teenage girl:*cries a single tear*

  • people are saying you flash the white power hand this👌is a meme,and it also means ok. wtf?

  • “All Pewdiepie fans are white supremacists” Me an Indian : Cries in Microsoft Tech Support

  • “All Pewdiepie fans are white supremacists” Me an Indian : Conquer us again simon daddy

  • “All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists.” Me: has inferiority complex

  • I am an Indian and ofc i would be a WHITE SUPREMACIST(Always has been).

  • "All Pewdiepie fans are white supremacist" me a filipino: *cries on 10.3 trillion debt*

  • all pewdiepie fans are white supremacist me: an indonesian......

  • White supremacists? What kind of religion is that

  • "All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists" Me a puertorican: Lloro

  • The face filter is so expressive wtf

  • “All Pewdiepie fans are white supremacist” Me: a fully Malay and somehow looks like chinese

  • Everyone whos trying to cancel pewdiepie has lgtbq and blm names 🙀

  • “all PewDiePie fans are white supremacists” me, who is mixed: get out the way or you might be who die today

  • I remember hearing this crap and made a video on it a while back 😂

  • Lol, Pewd's a veteran when it comes to getting cancelled.

  • Them vtubers and their vbucks

  • PewDiePie is nice

  • tell me why he looks like yosuke hanamura with this filter

  • Pewdiepie is Snapchat filter?! >:’((

  • All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists. Me from Malaysia and Muslim:Just be peacefully and just take it. Ok

  • i watched this 👍

  • "All Pewdiepie fans fans are white supremacists" Me a British person: cries whilst eating and drinking tea and crumpets

    • take some wa'er mae" , god save the queen !

    • Bri'ish innit

    • Such pain... My condolences.

  • 4:44 Pewds becoming NuxTaku

  • White supremacists? Me who's mexican *cries in mexican*

  • its cringe for non vtubers to become a vtubers just because of trend. its just srsly cringe.

    • u dont get the point , do you

  • This makes me happy.

  • Way he says his quips in v tube is 😂

  • The internet would be better without twitter tbh

  • "this is great, i need to find a way to piss of more idiots" what?

  • "All Pewdiepie fans are white supremacists" Me a Nigerian: Cries

  • Source: just trust me bro

  • He did it, he became one of those animes

  • Du mah this Twitter is really making me want to put salt and pepper on my rice.

  • “All Pewdiepie fans are white supremacists” Me a white supremacist: Brrrrraka mono da!!!

  • wait im white

  • Didn’t know I came here to be disrespected

  • I love the anime pewds. Keep doing vtuber stuff!

  • "All of Pewdiepie's audience are white supremacists lmao" Me: *oofs in Manifest Destiny*

  • 2:37 that's a good screenshot for the thumbnail to this video lmao

  • E. E. E. E. E. E. E.

  • People:all pewdiepie fans are white supremacists Me who is Indian:I am 3 parralel universes ahead of you

  • People:Vtubers are white supremecists The Native American,Japanese,Chinese,Indian,Russian ect vtubers:You are 7 who is using the computer when you should not Vtubers are still people The people who hate them (unless they *actually have a reason*)are not people

  • “All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists” Me (an Indian): cries out the ganges

  • do asmr!!!!!! ASMR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ah yes, my favorite anime, Pewdiepie

  • "All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists" Me an asian: cries in rice

    • @Flame_Skull_Studios Ok, make sure you read it all at least once before starting You will need: 2 cups of short grain sweet rice 1 can of coconut cream Sugar 1/2 cup of shredded coconut As many mangoes as you like Ok so take your two cups of short grain sweet rice and cook it on sweet rice setting on the rice cooker***. In a separate pot put in 1 can of coconut cream, and add and mix 1-2 tablespoons of sugar or to how you want it, and heat it until it’s hot. Once rice is cooked, put it in a bowl, pour in 1/2 - 1 cup of the cream mixture, and mix in 1/2 cup of shredded coconut. Then just cut ripe mangos into pieces, (I recommend ripe champagne mangoes) and put it on the rice. ***For the rice, it’s optional but you can rinse the rice in a bowl and let it sit in water for 30 minutes then drain and proceed to cook it but like I said you don’t have to do it. You can add more of the cream on top later, you can eat it when the rice is warm or if you like it cool, basically the rest depends on you.

    • @Kayla Mascorro Tell us the recipe

    • @John joseph Corona mango coconut rice tastier


  • "All Pewdiepie fans are white supremacists" Me a Italian: *Cries is meatball*

  • "All Pewdiepie fans are white supremacists" Me a White supremacist: :(

  • Ppl that never watched pewdiepie assume bad things and then they watch a few videos and Felix is one of the smartest ISprofilers If u rly listen to him -he makes many jokes and everything but he is an extremely smart guy 😂 ppl just read stupid articles and hop on the cancel culture bandwagon lmao

  • 3:39 3:45 😂😂 I love this guy omg what a treasure

  • Gj pewds, piss em idiots off. I'm into vtubers and shit but I don't know what the big deal is lol

  • “All pewdiepie fans are white supremacists” Me, an El Salvadorian: cries in pupusas

  • It’s a normal day at Twitter P.S I just wanna say that hololive isn’t just a group of streamers They have good og songs too...

  • "All pewdiepie fans are white supremacist " Me a pinoy:"laughing pinoy noises"