What the new UFO Pentagon Footage Tells us..

Birt 3 jún 2021
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  • they were released to get money from youtube

  • I would love for pewds to be my teacher

  • Project Blue Beam

  • He's actually a genius!

  • Pewds has a huawei p40 pro

  • I think it might just be a random fireball created by nature.

  • how this man sound serious and ironic at the same time.

  • There is a t-series ad on this video

  • who new pewds could go so in-depth on this subject

  • Gate Keeper Pewds?? 😏

  • Like Goal: 921,600

  • You know when you thought someone could have another job

  • "Leaked" is America's way of saying look at this while we do dirty work over seas!

  • Pewds is smart?

  • The way how felix is talking about FACTS alot-

  • everyone wants to die by aliens of course

  • cool phone case

  • Felix gets 1% of pewds channel views

  • All the sudden i see pewds as a different man. I thought he was 7x more stupid XD

  • gmod outro was cool

  • "If the lense is not fully closed, you'l see it as a triangle.." So then why other light dots are visible on the sky besides the triangle

  • "big brain time"

  • It's basically a video of an alien with no legs trying to cover their existence so that they can continue their mission . 😤😤😤

  • Damn.I really believed these videos.

  • Cocomelon

  • this is literal big pp ngl

  • Not Cringe

  • Lol, the random gmod skit

  • I believe in aliens, but not this kind. I think it would be ridiculous for a creature that advanced to come to earth. They'd have to be WAY older than us to have mastered that kind of space travel. And they would know better than to come to another alien planet. I'm sort of quoting Markiplier from Unus Annus (Channel no longer exists) But I thought what he said was super interesting. Like if people can't handle the idea of covid 19 and we're so unadapted to the idea of a virus, how the fuck, would those same toilet paper apes react, to an alien?

    • My grandpa said that they would “Kidnap it, cut it open and find out what makes it tick” and that’s pretty accurate to what would happen

  • under a flight route? that can't be a plane

  • its funny how ppl love the idea of smth terrible going on bc it makes bland life intresting. a big conspiracy abt aliens is more intresting then weird trick of light

  • It' funny how he has all this knowledge but messes up the quality of his videos. I still remember that video on him and Marzia that was blurred almost throughout the whole video :D

  • Wait Felix has no legs , no ears or pp .How do we know we arent being fooled by an alien .

  • Navy released footage in 2020

  • All the explanations were nice Pewds, but the parallax one doesn't work since the water behind the object was moving in the opposite direction (was being left behind as the plane flew on)

  • Drakes equation

  • Feels good to be on the surface with realistic logical thinking people, instead of drowning in Joe Rogan comments

    • @lordeloss you said it yourself "illusion". Illusion = dilusion. Thanks for agreeing with me

    • I agree, multiple radars in a aircraft carrier detecting the same anomalies at the same time, 4 trained pilots seeing the same ilusion and the weapons systems getting jammed by targeting birds/gas/ballons, very logical indead.

  • Please dye your hair back to normal again (Blonde) and make something even better than : PewDiePie Hej Monika Remix by Party In Backyard Make an acutal physcal CD called "Swedish and other scandinavian cultural musical hit songs improved by PP" or something, would be pretty cool to see DESU

  • How the hell does he know so much

  • Wow felix! Thanks for the info!!

  • I'm no expert but didn't our own pentagon say this is real and is a national security risk. Also, since when did it become ok to scare children and teenagers on real world delimas. If I was a kid and you told me ufo 🛸 are real I would never sleep again! Kids and teens don't watch the news. Let's not talk about this and as adults keep an eye on this. This is all ready on the news enough. Lol let's go to fortnite we're it's a game and silly and fun not scary.

    • High in rank not meaning the news but u get what I mean

    • @kidslovesatan I know I sound like those people but I'm not. I'm on the hype train and really looked into it. Everyone that's high in rank with the dod and other branches including the news say this is something to take seriously and is a threat to national security. Heck even china is using ai to find out more on ufo's 🛸👽👾

    • @kidslovesatan sigh. Do I really have to post something about it. Please just look up the subject matter

    • @Tommy holgate Where is the official quote of a national security risk?

    • @kidslovesatan what cliam do you need confirmed?

  • You so got to listen to Bob Lazar's story its so convincing.

  • PewDiePie needs to goin the cia to tell everyone that this is fake

  • Now that I think about it, Felix is really smart

  • Damn Pewdiepis is so based here. Nice job Pewdiepie. All these people trying to believe all this crazy alien crap.

  • I Levent more physics then I did at school


  • Plot twist. Felix is an alien defending his kind from being exposed

  • So pewds explain for 15 minutes the process of how the movements and the visuals of the object could be explained but still didn’t give any clue of what those could be. I mean taking everything into account he’s got a valid point but I would argue that the government wouldn’t just classify some random flying shit as UFO if this phenomenon was so easily explainable as he says.

  • Everybody gangsta till the government finds pfft off the coast of California l

  • This is not real =) (joke)

  • the chad just debunking left and right where he could have just said wouuuw alien haha love you pewds

  • He should watch the Extraordinary documentary on Netflix Thats pretty interesting😎

  • Yes

  • 2:57 Look again... while the "UFO" is moving to the right, the waves are not, because the camera is standing still. Then the UFO halts. Then the camera follows, and when that happens both the UFO and the waves actually move to the left.

  • I mean i belive in aleins but i think this was an umbrella

  • Pewds: It's a giant bee Terraria players: *war flashbacks*

  • You are miracle man.

  • PewDiePie pls become my physics teacher!!!

  • why did i just go through an entire science class i came here for a pewdiepie video bruh

  • what a nice sunset in an infrared camera

  • Pewdiepie more like IqPie

  • they were looking at Harpoon missle flying beyond the horizon, infra catching its engines.

  • Are there bases in Sweden similar to Area 51?

  • Its fake

  • Pie can’t even crack 3m in a few days he is becoming irrelevant

  • 7:38 that's called circular reporting. It's a phenomenon that happens a lot in the news outlets and media that catalysts the spread of falsehoods and misinformation.

  • I cant believe clips like these have made it into the news.

  • The sleepy umbrella peroperativly close because pancake preclinically answer as a lucky attention. scattered, fluttering cuban

  • They could easily be hanging something such as a light or whatever it may be that will be detected by the Thermal by say a helicopter moving side to side then lowering causing the object to appear to be moving rapidly side to side up and down

  • Big brain

  • how much were you payed to say this? or is there a contract somewhere lol

  • honestly I feel like there is something else out there but I feel like all these video's are fake like their cool to watch and stuff but I just don't feel like we've actually made contact with anyone out their if there is other beings out there

  • New shooting mode - “Lens cap priority”

  • hey pewds when are ya gonna stop with all the cringe zooms

  • I love this Pewdie Smart

  • this is just a way for the media to cover up on the election fraud. they hate the truth

  • Guys I think the government has thought of what pewdiepie is saying so clearly there is much more to it than what pewdiepie is saying

  • This video did what you tried to do pewdiepie....found the video that does explain the video by another pilot who explains the symbols in the video to tell flight instrument information." Former Air Force Pilot Breaks Down UFO Footage | WIRED " @PewDiePie FLooor Gang

  • Is he reading this? How do you know all this information off the top of your head abt the lens cap and lights.. hmm

    • There is no script to read from or anything he’s just hella smart

  • an expert should react to this video🤣🤣

  • 4:19 I feel like i shouldn't look at this with the naked eye

  • I hate you

  • Neil de tyson after had seen this, omg its literally me 😥

  • Alien could still real... best line of vid 😂

  • The sad thing about passenger planes is they don't hover..

  • What people think gamers are : S T U P I D What gamers are : 3:12

  • Did I just watch the simplified version of relativity explained?

  • Smart pewds

  • The government paid him to do this

  • Pewds should be a physics teacher now.

  • 0:53 ew Fox News

  • I didn't know mah man is this wise!

  • why isn't this man in NASA :-D

  • I believe in extraterrestrial life but I dont believe we have met aliens yet

  • Thunderfoot

  • I like how PewDiePie can go from acting dumb in Minecraft to debunking UFO footage.

  • Listen, they are bringing this alien story to the forefront to distract everyone from the election audits that are currently happening 🤷‍♀️

  • giant bee? maybe... JOLIBEE

  • Professor Pewds teaching us science, you know what, not even being sarcastic, I actually enjoyed what he was talking about and how he explained it